Three Vital Tech Items For Every Traveler

If you are looking forward to a late summer vacation or planning to go on an international business trip,you’ll probably have some key bits of tech that cannot be omitted from your luggage. Regardless of the circumstances for travel, there are some items that are considered essential to allow the modern pace of life to continue whilst venturing to new places. Clearly, smartphones are one of the most important pieces of technology in 2022 and nearly all travelers will take their smartphones with them to stay in touch with friends and relatives during travel and to keep an eye on emails and social media. In fact, research suggests that a massive 85% of travelers will take their smartphone with them on holiday. This article describes three other essential pieces of tech that most travelers should pack to ensure they have an enjoyable vacation.

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A lightweight laptop

For business travelers and tourists alike, the laptop has become an essential traveling companion. Modern laptops are ideal for travel as they tend to be exceptionally lightweight and compact enough to fit comfortably into cabin bags on a plane. Websites such as offer a range of laptops that are ideal for travel. It’s good practice when choosing a laptop that’ll be used whilst traveling to look for a compact, but sturdy design along with a solid state harddrive. Solid state hard drives are increasingly common in today’s laptops and have the distinct benefit of being far more robust than older hard drives that spin at fast speeds when storing and retrieving data. This means that dropping or knocking a laptop shouldn’t result in damage to the hard drive. In addition, it’s vital to look for a travel laptop that boasts a good battery life (above 10 hours on a single charge) so that it can be used for extended periods when away from a power supply.

Universal plug adaptor

If you are traveling to another country, it’s likely that the plugs used may be different from what you are used to at home. Clearly, to charge your phone and other tech devices there’s a need for an adaptor that will work with your destination’s power supply. Thankfully, there are a wide range of universal plug adaptors on the market today that allow compatibility with devices in nearly all foreign countries. Look for models that have built-in USB sockets so that smartphones and tablets can be charged easily without needing to find the plug they were supplied with. See here for some of the best universal plug adaptors.

Noise-canceling headphones

For extended flights, it can be extremely beneficial to pack a pair of noise-canceling headphones into your onboard luggage. Whilst most airlines offer either free headphones for in-flight use or headphones that can be purchased for a reasonably low price, they tend to be poor quality designs that do not provide superior sound quality. A set of mid-range noise canceling headphones will dramatically improve your in-flight comfort. They’ll allow you to listen to your favorite music stored on your phone or watch the in-flight entertainment without hearing the background noise of the plane or other passengers.

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