What Will You Need to Provide When Leasing a Vacation Property?

A lot of people choose to lease a property as a vacation rental as this can be a good way to boost their income. In addition to this, it can also provide you with a beautiful getaway when you need to escape from your usual routine. However, taking this step can be a big responsibility, and not only do you need to keep up with essential maintenance on these properties, but you will also need to provide your guests with at least the basics for their stay. Below are some examples of the kind of things you will need to have in your vacation rental for guests to use.

1. Kitchen Utensils

When people go away, they might intend to dine out a lot as a nice treat. However, for those who love to cook or simply don’t want to eat at restaurants every night, having a space to prepare meals is important. They will also need basic tools such as pots, pans, cutlery, kitchen knives, and glasses and mugs. Coffee machines can be excellent touches, too, or at least a cafetiere and teapot.

2. Spare Blankets and Bed Sheets

All guests will expect the beds to be made with fresh sheets when they arrive, but it could be useful to have some spare sheets and blankets stored in the house that they can access. Blankets, in particular, may be needed in the cooler months at night. Extra towels in a linen cupboard would also be beneficial.

3. Hangers for the Closets

Some people might live out of their suitcases when they are away, but others prefer to hang their clothes in the closet space to keep them free from creases and wrinkles. You will need to make sure that there is space for your guests to do this and that there are plenty of clothes hangers for them to use in the closets. You can buy plastic hangers in bulk online if this is the easier option.

4. Wi-Fi Connection

Going on vacation is a great excuse to switch off from technology, but in the modern era, it’s important to give your guests access to Wi-Fi. This can help them stream shows or movies on their devices, research things to do in the local area, or even make Wi-Fi calls if they can’t get access to good reception at that location. You need to also provide them with the passwords to your Wi-Fi server and keep this written down in the property in case they forget.

5. Security System

Your vacation property won’t always have someone staying there, so having a good security system will give you peace of mind as well as your guests. Always leave instructions for your security systems in a folder at the house so that guests know how to set alarms etc., when they are coming and going.

If you want to make sure you have the basics to keep your guests happy at your vacation rental, use this quick list as a great starting point.

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