The Q Family adventures

The Q Family Adventure is a Family Travel vlog by Amy and her husband, John, on a YouTube channel with their three kids. Who love to share their Family journey experiences. To have these experiences, people can get different types of help regarding traveling. In the modern world, people seek the opportunity to interact and make priceless memories in the advanced world. The Q Family offers families the opportunity to create priceless memories with them.

Official Website

Q Family Adventure contains one official website where you can quickly contact them. You can get access to talk with them and gain different travel knowledge.

About Q Family Adventures

The Q Family Adventure is a Travel blog YouTube channel made by five persons: A Mother, a Father, and three kids. The Mother is Amy, the father is John, and the three kids are Eliza, Mateo, and Rosie. In this channel, they showed their love for travel. The Q family has traveled to almost 120 countries across the five continents. They have learned how to travel and experience the world as a family. The most popular destinations they have traveled to are Peru, Morocco, New Zealand, Mexico, and many USA parks and Destinations. After so much struggle and obstacles during their travel, Amy and John have learned how to travel the world most easily with family. How to balance fun family time with learning different types of rich cultures worldwide. Now, they want to share their travel experiences with the audience with the help of Different Social media platforms, official websites, and YouTube Channels.

Family-Friendly Destination

The Q Family Adventure is based on Family-Friendly Destinations. They have almost visited 120 countries across five continents. The most Family-Friendly Destinations they have ever seen are New Zealand, Peru, Mexico, Morocco, and many famous areas of the USA. These countries were so friendly to visit with Families and kids. The environment was so lovely and peaceful there. 

Tropical Getaways

This family discussed the weather in Los Angeles; it is so warm by nature. You can enjoy a beach or mountainside. Montreal is also on the list of tropical gateways with warm weather. Where you can enjoy the beach, this family also visited many African areas where the weather was so friendly.

Cultural sites

According to this family, travel is a way to “open your eyes to experience the world.” This family is so fond of visiting cultural cities. They have seen many cultural cities around the world across almost five continents. For example, this family visited as a volunteer in Elephant National Park in Thailand, lived as a Nomad in Magnolia, and loved visiting Mexico. They maintain their fun and also experience rich cultures in the world and provide so much knowledge to the public about different cultures existing in the world. It helps the audience to make a plan for the trip with family. 

Adventures Park 

This family has visited many countries across the five continents. They have made a record of visiting most countries with their families. They travel to different countries, gain insight into their cultures, and provide information to audiences through YouTube and Facebook. They have visited many national parks from the USA, the beautiful Abel Tasman National Park from New Zealand, the forest around Denver, Magnolia Thailand, etc.

Travel tips and hacks

The Q family Adventure has become most valuable for any family traveler. Because they have provided practical information for travelers, this Family engaged with the audience with the help of social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and official websites.

See these YouTube videos; we can learn most of the precautions, like what we should keep in our traveling bag, how to get family-friendly accommodation, survive in different cultural areas, and be more creative while facing other obstacles.

Packing Essentials 

Packing the authentic things for your journey is so difficult. But you can make it easy with the help of proper planning. Firstly, observe the weather conditions and environment of your destination. Just make a plan for the activities you are going to perform there. Then, make your packing list of essentials: clothing, footwear, snacks, traveling gadgets, etc.

Budgeting for family trips

The primary factor in your mind while planning a journey is how to afford your extended family members. But this family guides us on how to travel on a low budget. They prove we can make the journey with family without emptying our pockets.

They are so transparent about the expenses of their trips. They provide so many informative tips to make a budgeting journey. Helping tips cover getting friends and family accommodation, low-cost transportation, low-cost meals and activities, etc. To act upon their knowledge, we can fulfill our wishes to make desirable journeys with a low budget.

Safety measures

Firstly you should research the destination where you want to go. Because every destination is unsafe for children, keep the First aid box in your carry-bag. Keep your kids occupied and have some information cards about your destination in your bag. 

Educational journey

This family makes the journey so much more educational, not only for the audience but also for their kids. They can’t be a good teacher. But they keep studying their kids with educational tips about every destination they approach and, for example, teach them the history of Mayan before the Mexico trip. It makes their kids so informed about every destination where they are going.

Historical landmarks

This family is so fond of visiting Historical landmarks. They have visited almost 112 counties across the five continents and seen many historical landmarks like Rome, Pittsburgh, Luxembourg, Buffalo, and Sweden. They enjoy there and provide many informative videos on these places on their YouTube channel and websites.

Museums and Exhibitions

Museums are just like a heart for any historical landmark. This family discussed many museums where they traveled. They talked about museums in Sweden. The Buffalo Museum of Science is like the way to enter the world of discovery.

They also visited the National Museum of History in Luxembourg to learn about the history and culture of this country. In Pittsburgh, they visited Museums like Carnegie.

Outdoors activities

This family loves most outdoor activities like hiking in the mountains of Norway, camping in the desert like the Sahara, and boating in the river. They also love doing adventures in the forest, like the Amazon.

They are also so fond of photography that they have captured awe-inspiring shots for their channel and sites. Photography includes natural scenery, mountains, Rivers, deserts, etc.

However, they mainly adopt low-cost activities because the mission of this blog is to inspire the audience to travel at a low cost. Thus, they attempt to carry out their low-budget proposals.

Hiking and Camping

Hiking is the long walk on a specific trail. Hiking and camping are two primary activities that every traveler wants to do to make his journey memorable. This family had so many memories. In Denver, they had many activities like hiking and camping in the Rocky Mountains and forest. In Austria, the hiking and camping are everyday things to do. Q’s family has the adventure of hiking to see the Alps. It was the best experience in Austria. 

Water Sports

Water sports is the best place for boating, fishing, swimming, etc. Q’s family had so much fun in New Zealand Waterfalls. In summer, this is just like a paradise to visit. They have stood at the foot of waterfalls many times.

On their visit to Tampa, they had so much fun in the Water sports of the bay. They have also traveled to different water sports, like lakes and rivers in Buffalo. They have gained so much knowledge about water sports on their sites and YouTube channels. They also discussed the ways to survive there with family.

Wildlife Safaris

Wildlife is the best outdoor activity for learning and observing forest life, animals, and plants. It can be enjoyed in different spots like National parks, wildlife refuges, etc. Before you set up the wildlife trip, you should research the area and the animals that can be found there. Q’s family visited many national parks in the USA and New Zealand to evaluate the knowledge material for viewers. They also had a great time volunteering in Thailand National Park and as a Nomad in Magnolia. They learned a lot about wildlife and interacted closely with the forest’s life.

Seasonal travel guide

Q Family Adventures provides a travel guide to visit different countries in different seasons. It is essential to know about the weather of the place where you are going. For example, if you want to travel to any water sports and lake areas, you should visit them in the summer. This family suggested making plans for any journey according to the weather and suitable for family and kids. You must be well informed about the place you wish to visit. You can quickly get authentic information guides from Q Family sites.

Summer Escapes

If you just want to escape from summer, you should journey to some places with excellent weather. Q’s family visited New Zealand, which has incredible weather to run from summer; many Rocky Mountains and lakes contain beauty in the weather. You can easily enjoy the weather there with your kids.

Q’s family also suggested Oslo as the best Cold country. They have been staying there for some time. The weather in this country is so cold. If you want to visit any summer escape destination, you should visit Oslo.

Winter Wonderland

If you want cool weather in both summer and winter seasons, you should visit Oslo. According to this Q family, the worst aspect of this family is that it remains cold in both seasons, summer and winter. Cold air blowing affects your motivation.

Another winter wonderland is the Austrian Alps, which are covered with an ice cap, and the lakes with crystal colors are the best way to enjoy winter wonderland.

Festive holiday destinations

Q’s family has traveled to many countries for the best experiences. Some of the countries they declared as the best festive holiday destinations. According to this family, Denver is an excellent country for festive holidays. In the summertime, they enjoy different festivals. Q’s family spent some time in Austria. According to this family, this destination is the best lively holiday destination if you want to visit with family and kids. If you’re going to take a break from your busy life, you should spend some time in Austria with your family. This country is rich in Culture, and the scenery around this destination is fantastic. They enjoyed every minute in Austria. Many activities in Austria can make an enjoyable time, such as hiking, visiting the Monastery, kayaking in the Alps, etc. Another destination recommended by this family for the festive holiday destination is Algeria. It is best for a Festive holiday destination because of its rich cultures and people. Europe is also the best destination for enjoying Festivals. 

Accommodation reviews

If you are going to make some plans for a journey with your family, you should first consider the family-friendly accommodation services. It is a fundamental need to have some enjoyment with your family.

If we talk about accommodation reviews, Q’s family talks about Luxembourg. According to the Q family, Luxembourg has many hotels, so selecting one takes a lot of work. So it is necessary to choose one because of its comfortable, friendly and protective environment. It should contain the best environment to live with your family and kids.

According to this family review, Israel is a mixture of many religions and beliefs, so it is tough to find an accommodation that is comfortable and respectful of our beliefs. Some of the compliant and comfortable accommodations suggested by this family are 

  1. The Inn at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  2. The Jerusalem hotel
  3. The Brut Reynolds Jerusalem hotel
  4. The Jerusalem Marriott

Family Resorts

According to this family, if you are going to search for Family Resorts, nothing can be better than Europe. They have a lot of destinations that are unique for families. These include Safari parks, Resorts, and islands.

The Q family also talked about the different Resorts in Abu Dhabi. According to this Family, Yas Island is an artificial island with other resorts and hotels.

Kid-Family Hotels

Q family experiences enhance our knowledge. This family discussed the hospitality and charm they got from Belgium, which was fantastic. It is the best place to visit with family. The hotels are so friendly and best for kid-family trips.

Suppose you are willing to visit Pittsburgh. According to this family, The Sheraton Pittsburgh is one of the most favorite hotels in this destination. It is very comfortable and suitable for any kid-family trip. They got a lot of enjoyment and hospitality from this place.

Culinary Adventures

The Q Family makes extraordinary adventures in Abu Dhabi to visit the Culinary place of Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

In Buffalo, the Culinary scenes were so delightful to heart; traveling on the boat with the city background was amazing.

This family discovers culinary adventures in the United Kingdom while visiting well-known locations like Edinburgh Castle and Edinburgh War Memorial. These areas are so historic and so unique to see.

Local food experiences

This family likes Norway so much as the best food place. Norway has some of the best food options in the world. There is something for everyone in Norway. From traditional seafood to the latest restaurant food, it contains everything to eat. If you are looking for something sweet and heart-touching drinks, you should taste Norwegian soda or fruit juice. It will likely provide an innovative taste to your taste buds.

According to this family, the food from Portugal was also very delicious. They liked it so much. 

The favorite food of this family in Algeria was couscous. It was so delicious and healthy. It is a type of pasta made from semolina flour. It is often served with meat flavor. It was so popular in the country.

Cooking Classes for Families

According to this family, they love to cook different dishes. It is so vital to have cooking knowledge during travel. It will be less expensive than using distant five-star Restaurant services. So, you should have some knowledge of cooking. It would be helpful while traveling in the Forest, Magnolia, and different tribal areas.

Travel gear and Gadget

Travel is a way to bear and experience many obstacles. You should have some travel gear and Gadget during travel. 

  • Keep the laptop in your bag, and it should be light. It should be lightweight.
  • You should have a power bank
  • Travel-size iron should be in your bag
  • A portable Wi-Fi hotspot is a vital gadget
  • You should have a smartwatch

Latest Travel Tech

The latest travel technology keeps you in touch with your family. Now, you can track your family with the use of advanced technology. There are different apps and devices available to do this. You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to contact your partner. It became straightforward to get in touch with your family during travel.

Comfort Items for Kids

If you are taking your kids on a long trip, it should contain specific stuff so they may be occupied the entire time.

  • Spare clothes and it should be comfortable
  • Pillow and blanket
  • Snacks
  • Games, Soft Toys, 
  • First Aid

Engaging with the Audience

This family Engaged with the Audience through the use of social media. They have a channel on YouTube. You can watch their travel videos to get in touch with them quickly. They also have Facebook accounts to engage with them. Where you can quickly learn about their latest journeys.


Q Family Travel is a Family travel blog on YouTube by Amy, her husband, John, and their three kids. In this channel, they shared their family experiences of different travels worldwide. They have visited approximately 120 countries across almost five continents. This channel aims to provide entertainment for their family as they travel and practical guidance for those in the audience who wish to travel with children.

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