Best Places to Live in New Zealand

Best Places to Live in New Zealand

Life in a big city should always be growing and moving along with a lot of opportunities to learn personally and professionally. So the immense scope of personal and professional development depends upon the facilities provided in that city.

As far as New Zealand is concerned proving the best and suitable place to live. People usually come to New Zealand for holidays, usually fall in love due to its beautiful places, cuisines and suitable hotels. On the international level, you may find the cheapest, coolest, and sunniest place to live in New Zealand. We are anxiously focused on people to progress in their living in terms of accommodation (housing choices), good education, business, health facilities and holiday vibes.

Not only the bigger cities, yet smaller towns are also in a location having their attractive charm. A lot of activities are found in towns.

Here are few cities of New Zealand which are famous for their different activities, art, and gallery, kitesurfing, affordable rental facilities.

  1. Nelson

NelsonNelson city is famous as the oldest city and known for its cultural and religious immigrants. Due to migrants, multicultural, diverse people friendly environment making Nelson city one of the tops of the list as the best place to live in New Zealand. You can pick inexpensive meals from restaurants. Moving to Nelson city is an exceptional place to live, work, and play. If Nelson city is compared to big cities like Auckland, Wellington in New Zealand, housing cost is astonishingly very low. Even purchasing a house is easy. Traffic, healthcare, public schools, parks are well connected.

  1. Dunedin

DunedinDunedin is the coolest place to live. It is considered affordable housing and a stunning strong sense of safety. Its famous historical and iconic train station, impressive architectural wonders make New Zealand a Castle and make it cheapest city to live in. Recently, Dunedin is changing into street art in every vicinity. This happened due to students from the University of Otago were responsible for boosting the population in the city.

Glasshouse Forsyth Barr Stadium is the largest indoor football stadium. For cravings and taste buds satisfaction, availability of vegan dishes, the roasted coffee bean is found. People having an interest in theatre and architecture will be more comfortable living here. The stunning botanical garden is the greatest horticultural treasure.

  1. Hamilton

HamiltonHamilton city is located alongside the Waikato River. Its drive from Auckland is 1hr 30minutes. Its location due to the Waikato River provides a spot for perfect surfing exploration while Hamilton’s Garden is the largest garden arena in New Zealand. The most popular attraction over here is the availability of Education and Research development universities. These two factors play an important role in Hamilton’s economic development and indirectly helpful in improving quality of life.



  1. New Plymouth

New PlymouthNew Plymouth city is located in the southwest corner of New Zealand’s North Island. The reason for the popularity of New Plymouth city is art galleries, rugby, tennis matches, surfing, concerts as well as the “Annual Festival of Lights.” If you are really interested to accommodate yourself, it’s the best place to live.



  1. Christchurch

ChristchurchChristchurch city is located on River Avon alongside the bank and epic city to live, work and enjoy. The city is under reconstruction and renovation due to the earthquake that struck in 2011. People from different communities come together for living establishing multicultural, diverse landscaping. There was a common misconception about security as two consecutive shooting attacks planned, so Christchurch is not a safe place for living. But President Jacinda Ardern enhanced security measures making it a safe and peaceful place to live. Christchurch is famous as “The Garden city” and great educational system.

  1. Wellington

WellingtonWellington, being the capital city of New Zealand, is an awesome place to live located offering information relevant to museums, craft beer, and top eats. Property prices are very cheap. If you are fond of eating, a lot of cuisines and award-winning restaurants. On the other hand, the famous Oriental Beach is over here. It’s the second largest city in terms of population after Auckland having bus networks and considered as the cheapest city more affordable for families to settle down as well as companies to send their employees for workshops, seminars, and training sessions.


  1. Rotorua

RotoruaRotorua is a tourist hotspot area that means opportunity for good job. Rotorua is located 2.5hours away from ski fields of Mt Ruapehu. If you are having long hours job, then there is facility on Thursday Rotorua Night Market on Tutanekai street. So you don’t have shortage of food, music and local crafts.




  1. Napier

NapierNapier is world best place to live due to arts and crafts, kitesurfing, museums and many more. Famous as fruit bowl of North. Plenty of trips can be arranged to Nelson Lake located to south. The epic event celebrated in Napier is Deco festival. It will be a unique and wonderful experience. Cost of living in Napier is quite low than Auckland and Queenstown. The wonderful attractions make Napier worth living is its golf courses, coastline, and cycleways. People around the world find business, enjoy the sunshine all year around.


  1. Queenstown

QueenstownQueenstown is famous due to its amazing outdoor activities all year. It’s an amazing place for people of all ages. If you will select suburbs for living, pretty cool places, Moke Lake, Lake Hayes, historical Chinese settlement, world-class skiing in winter are attractions. A lot of facilities and Industrial base jobs are vacant, making it a great place to find work. Although renting is high.



  1. Auckland

AucklandAuckland city is the largest city in New Zealand, a land of innovation, financial and economic hub.  The nickname of the city is “City of Sail” as sailing popularity. Besides this, Auckland city has an abundance of theatre, regional parks, restaurants, and beaches. Being a big city, it is in desperate need of skilled workers in different fields of life creating relocation options for expats. Although, residential prices are too high yet surprisingly one of the best places to live in New Zealand.

  1. Hastings

HastingsHastings city is located on the east coast of North Island. Hastings is a fertile city producing opportunities inclusive of agricultural services and freight. It’s the largest urban area, immense tourism industry, farming focusing jobs. Indigenous people are quite open heart for immigrants

Lifestyle over here means visitors still flock here. Favorite places to visit and tourism attractions features Hastings reasonable place to live in New Zealand.



In conclusion, all cities in New Zealand has specific features for living, some cities have the opportunity of a job, few have low rental prices, and some have tourism, beaching hops, farming and industrial growth with the diverse natural landscape. Due to the availability of a great education system which has a driving force for the economy. In my opinion, Christchurch is a suitable and safe place among all cities in New Zealand.

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