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TMS Sicepat offers services that are ideal for you. Indonesia’s delivery service is quite innovative. It provides services throughout Indonesia at standard rates and without any additional fees. Products arrive where they are supposed to be according to the platform’s rules.

The app’s features:

TMS Sicepat reportedly received more than 68 thousand installs, according to Google Play. Are you trying to find out more about TMS Sicepat? You’ve arrived at the ideal location. A step-by-step tutorial on TMS Sicepat is provided in this blog post.

Currently, Sicepat TMS has 1000 ratings, with an average rating of 4. 2 Operational Sigesit applications with drivers for the first and middle miles made of several pickup modules, including Antar and Tiba SMU and driver absensi. Operational Sigesit application with First Mile and Middle Mile drivers comprises several pickup modules, Antar and Tiba SMU, and driver absensi.

Data Security:

The first step in ensuring your safety is understanding how developers collect and distribute your data. Data privacy and security standards may vary based on your use, region, and age. The developer provided this information and may add changes in the future.

Products and Services of Tms Sicepat:

TMS Sicepat provides the following goods and services:

  1. SIUNTUNG: It offers Fast And Affordable Delivery Service At Regular Prices. Select SIUNTUNG products and services at standard rates without extra costs. 15 Hours – According to ETA. Throughout Indonesia (15 Hours – Jabodetabek and Bandung Areas only).
  2. BEST: Tomorrow, go there. On average, to all of Indonesia’s major cities, fast products get to their destination in as little as one day.
  3. GOOD: Sicepat Express Delivery Service is available in e-commerce on Shopee, Bukalapak, and Tokopedia for GOOD Prices starting at Five Thousand. A Sicepat delivery service called HALU offers postage starting at 5,000 rupiahs on e-commerce. Products reach their intended location based on the platform’s terms. Its services serve all cities in Indonesia.
  4. GOKIL: For delivery at a more affordable price, GOKIL is a tms sicepat Express service with a minimum payment of 10kg. According to the platform’s agreements, products arrive where they should. Its services cover every city in Indonesia.
  5. H3LO: Awesome 3 Kilo services with more effective and cost-effective shipping 3 Kilo – Send Goods 3.3kg Pay 2kg. Pay only 2kg for 3.3kg shipping; this offer is only valid for PUDO, drop-off deliveries at stores, and social commerce. Within 1-3 days, products arrive at their destination. Its offerings include the entire island of Bali and Java. Calculating shipping weight virtually:
  • Shipments weighing 0.1 to 1.30 kg pay 1 kg at the SIUNTUNG rate. 
  • 1.31-2.30 kilogram shipments are paid at SIUNTUNG rates for 1 kg. 
  • Delivery 2.31-3.30 kilograms pay 2 kg at the SIUNTUNG rate.
  • 3,31–4,30 kg of freight are charged at a 3 kilogram per SIUNTUNG rate.
  1. Fast SHARIA: Using tms sicepat Syariah to spread good fortune to others. In partnership with Dompet Dhuafa, Sahabat Sicepat can donate 2.5% of each shipping discount it receives to Islamic boarding schools and literacy centers in the Cilacap and Lombok regions. For Sicepat buddy transactions only, not valid for MarketPlace. Friends will contribute 2.5 percent, and Sicepat will contribute the same amount. Every six (six) months, the donor will get an accountability report detailing the total value of the donation.
  2. QUICK GO: Worldwide international package delivery service. Sicepat Go! is now quicker and more effective for foreign shipments. Sicepat Go! Now covers more than just the continents of Asia and Australia! Reach every continent to expand your business internationally more quickly! ETA based on a table of destination countries.

Jabodetabek, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Denpasar, Medan, and Makassar are among the places it offers services. Currently, delivery to the continents of Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and America is possible with the service. 30 kilograms is the maximum weight per package. For each sort of sent commodity, each destination nation offers certain regulations. The Sicepat Go! The delivery area is large. Not a nation that falls within the high-risk country category.

  1. COD: Cash on Delivery, or COD. When tms sicepat Friends receives the goods, one of the payment transactions for every online purchase made in the marketplace is cash. Every Major City in Indonesia.

QUICK CLICK: Services to assist tms sicepat activities using WhatsApp Bot technology. Access Sicepat Ekspres information to look for PPOB items, shipping charges, tracking information, and other details. You can only use WhatsApp; no other programs need to be downloaded. 24-hour access is possible.

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