Helpful & Effective Advice for Opening a Caravan Park Business

Whether you’re the owner of a vast area of land and have been wondering what to do with it, have recently inherited a farm complete with acres of fields, or else you’re looking at a more intimate outdoor space, there are many potential benefits to opening a caravan park on your land.

With that said, here is some helpful and proven-to-be effective advice for doing just that.

Offer Caravans to Rent for Shorter Periods

Often, depending of course on the type of caravan business that you’re planning on launching, you will find that many residents of these said parks spend weeks and even months living onsite.

This is great, of course, in the context of regular money coming into the site, but you may also want to offer your own fleet or even just a few caravans that are available for short-term rentals. Whether you are looking to purchase your own caravan onsite, or else a couple to rent to holidaymakers, you can work together with caravan financers Auto Finance Online to work out a payment plan that won’t break the bank.

Consider Which Sector You Wish to Target

There are, essentially, three different sectors of the caravanning market and it’s important, especially as a start-up site, to focus on one, at least in the beginning.

The three different sectors are as follows:

  1. Touring caravans
  2. Static holiday caravans
  3. Residential mobile homes

After you’ve decided on the sector that you intend to home in on, you then need to work out the level of competition from other parks in and around your local area and also your USP (unique selling point) that will encourage caravanners to choose to stay at your caravan park over a competitor’s.

Enjoy the Experience Yourself

Usually, caravan parks and motor home sites only open for the spring and summer months, with some extending their season into the fall. This results in the owners and managers of said caravan parks rarely being able to enjoy holidays of their own.

Make sure that you either close for a week or more at the beginning of the season or toward the end, or else arrange full-time cover in the peak of the season so you, your family, and friends can spend some quality time together, either at the park or somewhere else.

Choose Additional Services Carefully

Aside from the basic required amenities necessary for the legal requirements to be covered on your new caravan site, you may also want to consider offering additional services, and if this is a route that you’re interested in exploring, you must choose them carefully and aim to start small.

You could provide a service that tows caravans on and off the site when needed, offer storage for over the winter months when the park is closed, offer private credit options when people want to buy one of your new caravans outright, or even handle holiday bookings for your static caravan owners.

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