5 Unique Types of Vacation for Your Honeymoon

A wedding is a day to celebrate your marriage surrounded by loved ones, whereas a honeymoon is a chance to simply enjoy each other’s company – usually, far away from your home town or city. Often, that involves a week or so in a romantic spot where couples can eat, drink, and enjoy each other’s company. However, that doesn’t have to be what you do. Consider these five ideas if you’d like a slightly more unique getaway for your honeymoon.

1: A Safari Vacation

If you’re an adventurous couple with a fierce love for nature and animals, consider going on an African safari. South Africa is home to the wonderful Kruger National Park, an expansive wildlife park with many different species living there, including Africa’s big five. To make a trip there even more romantic, you could do one of the memorable Honeymoon Safaris Kruger to take in the savannah views over a candlelit dinner, followed by a trip into the wilderness the next day. It’s both romantic and wild. Who better to share your honeymoon experience with than a lion, elephant, rhino, or zebra?

2: A City Hopping Break

If you’re a highly cultural couple, why not use your honeymoon to tick some cities off your bucket list? While many honeymooners choose to go to a romantic city for their getaway, you can go to multiple. You could climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris, toss a penny in the Trevi Fountain, and take a gondola through the Venice canals all in one romantic trip!

3: A Road Trip

Most people don’t connect road trips with honeymoons, but who is to say you can’t take on Route 66 or Iceland’s Ring Road to celebrate your marriage? The Ring Road is particularly impressive, allowing you to do a whole circle of Iceland, where you can take in plenty of exquisite views. Route 66 is, of course, iconic, going through incredible places such as The Painted Desert and Santa Monica Pier. It’s your pick!

4: An Adrenaline-filled Break

Are you not the kind of couple to lounge around for a week or two? Do you prefer something more exhilarating? If so, consider an adrenaline-filled honeymoon. You could go Jetskiing in Mallorca, skydive over the great barrier reef, or even climb Mont Blanc in France. You’ll have tons to talk about upon your return!

5: A Family Vacation

Honeymoons are supposed to be a getaway for just the couple. However, that isn’t always feasible – especially if you get married when you have very young children. In this case, consider taking a family vacation for your honeymoon, where you can spend time as a family. You could always go on a second honeymoon when the time is more convenient!

Let Your Honeymoon Be as Unique as You Are

When it comes to honeymooning, don’t let anyone tell you that there are rules. Do what you want to do. After all, it’s a trip that’s just about you – the happy new couple. All that matters is that you enjoy it!

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