Terezin is an ancient city cited about 30 miles south of Prague and 60km north of Prague in the Czech Republic, Central Europe. The former concentration camp was built during the 18th century by Habsburg Emperor Joseph II as a refuge and a stronghold against the Prussian armies. Terezin tour from Prague is a journey that takes you from Terezin to Prague in less than an hour; there you will be exposed to so many memorable and eye-catchy scenes you will enjoy.

There is no denying that the Terezin tour from Prague is a fun-filled, educational and historical experience. During the wartime of Europe, several prisoners and Jewish people died in the Terezin camp, leaving the area as a Jewish ghetto. You will see the entire former concentration camp, the prison museum and even the fortress which was used to hibernate from the Prussian armies.

Most buses from Prague leave from the Main Bus Station while others take off from the Stand 7 of the bus station. In fact, your Terezin tour will leave you wondering how such horrors of humanity occurred and why. You will see and learn what life in the concentration camp was like only when you embark on Terezin bus tour.

If you have ever been present in a Warfield, then you will fully decipher what transpired in Terezin. If you are interested in the history and scenic views of the World War II, then you can’t afford to miss the Terezin tour. This is a tour where you will see the museum located in the Big Fortress, Small Fortress of Terezin, as well learn and recount the sad stories of the Jews in the Ghetto Museum.

Sightseeing and fun may not be the only reason why you should go for Terezin tour, knowing the history is one of the valuable things you get from Terezin bus tour from Prague. Your professional guard will carefully follow you around while providing you detailed information about what you see. You can create a mental picture of what the life and movement were like during the 18th century. It will not be fun to go for a tour in Terezin without paying a visit to the unique institution, Terezin Memorial. The Terezin Memorial institution represents the several victims of the Nazi tyrannical rule.

While Terezin tour from Prague is not a very far journey, you still get the best comfort you can imagine in a bus. You will have a local tour guide, bottled water, Wifi and the best of treat issued to you. Information is power, but it is way better if you can see what is being discussed, this is purely what you get from Terezin tour. If you are in Prague for a visit, then the Terezin Tour should be an inevitable thing for you because you will have a lot to see and learn while catching fun.