The Alps in the distance, the meadows and valleys stretching out for miles, and the castles and churches that people can find wherever they look are all reasons why a person chooses to plan a trip to Germany. While the country is the perfect destination for sitting back, relaxing, and eating a strudel, people can also ride along on high-tech trains and be seen with all the A-listers in the big bright cities.

Germany is known for its festivals too, so there is a good chance that a person will be there as one of these popular events is taking place.

Here are a couple of the best festivals in the country:

International Beer Festival

This beer festival takes place in Berlin during the month of August. Now in its twenty-first year, the festival will draw over 800,000 people from all over the world as they vie for their chance of getting a drink at the World’s Longest Beer Garden. There are more than three hundred breweries from eighty-seven countries at the festival and people can choose from any of the 2,400 beers that will be available. As everyone is drinking and spending time with family and friends, they can listen to the music that is being performed on any of the nineteen stages.

Christmas Garden Berlin

From the middle of November until the beginning of January, the botanical gardens are transformed into a winter wonderland filled with lights. While this is not necessarily a festival, it is still a unique sight that cannot be missed. Visitors can walk along more than two kilometers of a trail where lights have been placed amongst the plants and the flowers in thirty different areas.


A celebration of Easter occurs every year in Travemünde’s Brügmanngarten Park on Easter weekend. All four days are filled with fun for the entire family. There are arts and crafts, stories, games, and a visit from the Easter Bunny himself. On Easter, there is a large bonfire on the beach where everyone can enjoy their time with family and friends.

The festivals just enhance a person’s experience in Germany. Route Perfect can be a wonderful resource for a person who is looking to add these to their itinerary as they are planning a trip to Germany. After all, vacations are all about experiences as well as memories, and Germany can provide it all.