There will be a new big event conducted by Indonesia in this year. It forces you to see it as the event is hardly rejected to be known. Sabang Sail is the event that is aimed to introduce Indonesia. Sabang Sail Means to Promote the International World about how worthy it is to visit Indonesia and know it better than you expect. As the maritime nation, this is also one of the ways by the government to preserve the natural attractions. Therefore, Indonesia always supports the tourism access as you can also visit it to fill your holiday later. Actually, Sabang Sail is one of the series from the Legs of Sail Indonesia. It is the 9th version and the chosen location is Sabang. If you are hard to know where it is, the island is familiarly known as the first land that will introduce you to Indonesia. It is exactly in the northwest part of Indonesia near Aceh. This island is already known as a beauty of Indonesia. But, the government will not only make the island as the source for tourism but also the asset that should be preserved.

If you are already familiar with the Sail Indonesia that was conducted in Manado last 2009, this event will be designed as well as that one. The government of Indonesia says that this is their way to appreciate the maritime value and also everything that can introduce their country to the world, including by the maritime life. As the government concern more about the place, therefore, you will not be disappointed to visit Sabang as your destination on vacation. The government will make sure the area will be taken care of as well. It means you will know many beautiful things in this island. This Sabang Sail will be conducted soon. Sabang Sail Means to Promote International World 2017 for a better environment. Besides it talks more about the tourism, Indonesia also promotes the movement to preserve more natural attraction. By showing the beauty of Sabang, it means Indonesia has succeeded to take care of their beauty for the better environment. No wonder if many tourists choose Indonesia as the destination for the vacation.

There are also some things you need to know about this Sabang Sail. It will also tell you how worthy it is to attend the event.

  1. The event is continuous event that has been successful to help Indonesia taking care the tourism places especially the maritime area.
  2. It will be conducted on 28 November up to 5 December 2017.
  3. Many special events are arranged in this Sabang Sail. Your vacation will be more exciting as you can join some competition like diving, photography, water sports, and so on.
  4. Through some parade of tool ship and the traditional one, you will see the excitement in the event. As Sabang Sail a Tourism Sabang Sail Means to Promote the International World, you can just make sure to come and try to not miss it.