It is very surprising how little people know about the wonderful country of Romania. Many of them are in the dark about its stunning geographical location and if they do hear about the country at all, it is almost definitely about some terrible events that took place in the country.

However, there is no trace of truth in all the negative things associated with Romania. In fact, there are a lot of positive things about the country that will make you want to hire a Romania travel agency in Bucharest and book your trip right there and then.

Indulge in Romania’s Immense Natural Beauty

Romania is probably one of the most treasured gems of South-Eastern Europe that offers an amazing array of geographical features. From the mouth of the Danube to the towering Carpathian Mountains’ awesome arc, Romania does display a plethora of exciting diversity.

There are the sun-kissed hills in Moldavia covered with vineyards, the amazing plateaus of Transylvania, and the fertile plains that were drained by Walachia’s rapid rivers. Truly, Romania serves as the home to all conceivable natural beauties that foreign visitors will find irresistible.

Romania has its dose of the seaside as well. There is the Black Sea with rows of inviting resorts boasting of modern architecture which blends with the place’s natural landscape.

Cities and Towns with Something for Everyone

Bucharest is the capital city of Romania and it also has its own share of interesting attractions. Another wonderful city is Iasi as well as Sibiu and Brasov, with Sibiu being a cultural capital. One more exceptional thing about Romania is the fact that also all districts of the country have something unique and special to offer.

In the southern part of Romania is Oltenia which is famous for its embroideries and carpets. Wooden sculptures are the specialty of Maramures while Bucovina takes pride in many old traditions and Dobrogea was able to preserve the ruins of ancient times.

Then, there is the great although the mystical region of Transylvania where the very air seems to sizzle with mystery. Well, this is not really a big surprise because this is the very place where the legend of Dracula all started, that mystical king of vampires. This legend as old as time took its origin from the rule of Vlad the Impaler that spanned from 1456 to 1462. The merciless ruler brought terror to the people due to his horrible punishment method for disobedient subjects. Those who were disloyal to him were put to death by impaling them.

This bloodthirsty and extremely cruel means of punishment made people think that no human being could possibly do such barbarity. This then made them attribute it to a creature from hell. This though, together with the involvement of blood, paved the way to the legend of a vampire drinking human blood. When you visit Bran Castle in Transylvania’s Brasov county, you can get a feel of these creepy experiences.