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4 Things To Consider When Picking Your Next Holiday Destination

You’ve got the time off, you’ve got some money saved up and you are looking forward to getting away. The big question just remains – how on Earth do you pick a destination for your next holiday?

While everybody may have that dream trip to Australia, Japan or Europe, there are a surprising number of us who have no idea where we want to go next or what we want to do. If you fall into that category, then read on.

There are a number of relatively simple ways that can help you stumble upon a destination quite quickly. It will probably be somewhere you’ve never thought of going, but it is the unexpected that always tends to turn up the most fun.

Here are three things to consider when picking your next holiday destination.

Consider your budget

Considering your budget is the first step to picking a holiday destination. If you are constantly counting every last cent while you are away, then you won’t be enjoying your holiday. Work out how much your have to spend and then let that guide your choice of destination. If you are traveling on a shoestring, consider developing countries or backpacker friendly countries, as the cost of living there will be cheap in comparison to some of the more popular destinations. If you’ve got plenty of gold in the safe, then you can afford to go more upmarket. The important thing to remember is that there is a holiday out there for everyone no matter what their budget – you just need to find it.

Check out travel blogs for destinations that will suit you

One of the greatest things to come with the advent of the internet is blogs. Anybody out there with a keyboard, a connection and a few writing skills can publish their thoughts and feelings for the world to see. When it comes to travel, blogs have become an invaluable source of information for every sort of traveler. If you are looking for a family vacation, then blogs such as Holy City – run by a German family who have traveled the world – can offer non-biased insight into what is out there. A quick Google search will throw up the best destinations for group travel while if you are one of the 25% or people who will solo travel this year, then the internet is a goldmine for finding a destination that will suit you.

Look for events that appeal to you

Holidays don’t just have to be about going abroad and sitting on a beach for two weeks. You can base your trip and choice of destination around an event you’ve always wanted to see. Whether it be traveling to Europe to see one of the giants of the soccer world play or heading somewhere to catch a musical festival, basing your trip around attending a certain event turns a holiday into a potential bucket list ticker.


Nobody can control the weather, but we can have at least some say over what sort of weather we experience on a trip. If you want it to be hot, hot, hot, then a vacation in the summer to a hot destination is a no brainer. If you like snow, ice and cold, then perhaps skiing is your calling? Deciding a climate you want to experience and will feel comfortable in will help narrow down a choice of destinations very quickly.

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